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Performance Accelerator Conference

February 20 - 21, 2021

Event Time: 

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

Feb 20 - 21, 2021

Are you tired of sitting back and waiting for your performance career to take-off? Has the pandemic got you like * ?!?*!?! If this sounds like you then it’s time to take control of your future. It’s time for you to accelerate your performance career!

In our Performance Accelerator Conference we are going to set you up with the tools you need to jump start your career regardless of the world circumstances. The world has never relied so heavily on the arts to bring joy to the world. If you reside in a country where you were put in lockdown for a period of time you might have noticed that people turned to the arts exclusively. People watched more movies (hail all actors), they tuned into live performances (hail all theatre performers), they listened to more music (yes musicians, that’s you). You see, we ARE needed in society. It is your job to find how you can be part of the world as it is.


This conference is not only going to give you some key insights, it is going to build your mindset, get your creative juices flowing, and beyond all else equip you with the business knowledge you need to achieve the career of your dreams.


We are Perform & Prosper and we teach the “business behind show business” . Let us help you succeed. Join us February 20th and 21st for this two-day virtual event. All attendees will have the privilege of tuning in from the comfort of their homes. They will receive training from industry titans in the performance world who will touch on subjects such as

-          Mindset

-          Finances

-          Legal advice

-          Portfolio building

-          Making money from your ideas, even during a pandemic

-          And so much more!

Don’t have FOMO. Sign up today and be part of the movement!


1 day Conference: $95 CAD

FULL - 2 day Conference: $145 CAD


Guest Speakers


Meaghan Wegg

Artistic Director

Tara Young.jfif

Tara Young

Artistic Director

Jennifer Thiessen.JPG

Jennifer Thiessen

Artist, Podcaster

NJ Headshot.jpg

Naomi-Joy Blackhall, CEO, Licensed Paralegal

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