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Eye Catching Custom Props.....

Did you know that Cirque Revolution has a series of custom apparatuses for our client's to choose from? Why would we take the time to create custom pieces? Simply put, nobody else has them (or if they do, there aren't many!)

Custom props cost money, you can't avoid the investment. You need to hire engineers to sign off on the drawings and then you need to manufacture them. We depend on incredible industry partners to help us with this process. Cirque Revolution has a few custom apparatuses that we are absolutely in love with, and so are YOU! Take a look below at our all time favourite creations (to name just a few)

➡️ Cirque-u-l'air (pronounced circular)

This trio apparatus has two spinning hoops: one outer large hoop and an aerial hoop in the middle. Cirque-u-l'air is our most POPULAR act booked to date. We have sold more performances on this apparatus then any other apparatus we offer. To say it is our favourite is an understatement. The best part is that it fits in almost any venue AND we get to perform with friends (offered as a trio apparatus only) Who can ask for anything more ;)

➡️ Circus Sphere

Taking it to the next level, Circus Sphere holds four stunning aerialists inside. This prop has an added outer circus for us to climb on. The sheer magnitude of Circus Sphere is impressive. It looks like a rotating music box or snow globe. This beautiful act is impressive because of it's size and the amount of performers it can hold.

➡️ The Culinary Cruiser- We need a whole blog post to talk about this unique prop!! This 10 ft foodertainment

train has 8 mini tables and one large table for us to serve a variety of foods, drinks or promo material. In the middle of this mobile train you can choose from an aerial hoop OR a contortion table. Imagine a food train moving through your event with aerialists sprouting from the middle, contortionists folding in half and character models greeting you with whatever is being served? YES PLEASE!

Cirque Revolution is always evolving and revolutionizing our entertainment options. We have something new coming in January 2023 so keep your eyes on our social media for the big announcement!

For more information on our custom apparatuses email

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