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The Opening Act

Welcome, Circus Superfans!

A long legacy of the circus arts has led you to this page. We are so glad you are here!

This blog series will include CR news, industry commentary, show reviews, practical “how-to” pieces, and upcoming event FYIs.

We believe circus is a universal language that transcends age, gender, culture, and geographic origin. In fact, cirque is dynamic emotion expressed through merged & niche art forms. We hope this blog series is both informative and illuminating for you.

As practitioners of the art form, business owners, and advocates for a better world for all, we will touch on various topics as they relate to the profession & progressive subject matters as well. We hope you’ll follow along, comment, and let us know what else you’d like to see here.

We remain grateful for the privilege of being on this cirque-tacular journey with you.


Julie, Elisa & Samantha

Co-Founders of Cirque Revolution Events Inc.

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