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The Business-Builder Kick-Starter Course


Inside our online course you will have the opportunity to learn the following skills: 

  •  Develop & Master your Money Mindset

  • ·Set your Career Goals - Find your MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)

  • · Master Sales Language & Ethical Persuasion Techniques

  • · Unlock Additional Revenue Streams within your Existing Operations

  • · Master Lead Generation & Income Producing Activities  


  • · Identify & Locate your Ideal Clients

  • · Master your TIME!!!!

  • · Master your Unique Personal Positioning

  • · DEVELOP INCOME DIVERSIFICATION - what you should be adding into the mix and HOW you should do it

  • · Understanding Technological Unemployment - and what you should do about it NOW

  • · MAXIMIZE your Legal & Tax Positioning


  • · Walk away with your OWN personalized Career Successplan/ Business Plan that you can put into action NOW

  • · ***All students will have lifetime access to all materials anywhere, anytime, on any device in video, MP3 and written format***

Apply for the Business Builder Kick-Starter Course 
$199 *
* $99 return once course material is handed in. 

Thank you for submitting. Your application will be reviewed in the next 48 hours.

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