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Revolution (noun)

rev·​o·​lu·​tion | \ ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən

(1): a progressive motion of a body around an axis so that any line of the body parallel to the axis returns to its initial position while remaining parallel to the axis in transit and usually at a constant distance from it

(2): a sudden, radical, or complete change

(3): activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes

(4): a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm

(5): a changeover in use or preference especially in technology.

Cirque Revolution was born out of a pandemic-decimated live entertainment industry whereby audience access to the in-person experiential art form faded away for a time.

During these dark days, hope gleaned as we discovered new technological avenues for our audiences to access cirque in progressive & exciting ways paving the road for the digital revolution of cirque entertainment via virtual & hybrid events.

Against the backdrop of chronic social justice inequities, continual climate catastrophes, and mental health & accessibility crises, it only seemed right to use our art form as a tool to instigate change.

Our work takes a stand – for humans, animals, and the planet.


Won’t you join us on the journey?

Welcome to Cirque Revolution.


Julie, Elisa, & Samantha

about our Clients

We work with clients who are:

  • Conscientious Consumers

  • Change Makers

  • Event Organizers who wish to educate and entertain their attendees

  • Good, kind, empathetic, compassionate humans only!

  • Lovers of the circus arts and passionate about pieces that spark conversation, debate, and challenge audiences to think critically

  • Folks who are happy to pay for performing artists and, respectfully, will not ask for free services [performers need to make a living too!]



We will NOT work with clients who:

  • Pollute indiscriminately / have a record of climate-denigrating activities

  • Support business practices at home or abroad correlated in any way to slave or child labor

  • Engage in activities surrounding animal agriculture, animal testing, or animal cruelty

  • Have a track record of lawsuits / BBB complaints / and questionable C-Suite leadership

  • Evade taxes, are "offshore" anything, and businesses uninterested in contributing to society in a fair & equitable manner

  • ...must we go on?


In short, we only work with awesome humans & organizations. 

Thank you for understanding!

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