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Revolution (noun) rev·​o·​lu·​tion | \ ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən

(1): a progressive motion of a body around an axis so that any line of the body parallel to the axis returns to its initial position while remaining parallel to the axis in transit and usually at a constant distance from it​

(2): a sudden, radical, or complete change

(3): activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes

(4): a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm

(5): a changeover in use or preference, especially in technology.​


Cirque Revolution {formerly A2D2 Inc}  is committed to elevating event entertainment & reimagining the “impossible” for audiences worldwide. Our team has captivated audiences with our cirque-tacular activations & dazzling shows for over a decade. We love infusing excitement, wonderment & awe into our customer’s galas, special occasions, corporate functions, festivals, and more. If you would like to experience top-tier talent in a live, hybrid, or virtual setting, then get in touch to discuss the possibilities.​


Welcome to Cirque Revolution. ​Yours,Julie, Elisa, & SamanthaFounders, Cirque Revolutions Events Inc.

about our Clients

We work with clients who are:​

  • Conscientious Consumers

  • Change Makers

  • Event Organizers who wish to educate and entertain their attendees

  • Good, kind, empathetic, compassionate humans only!

  • Lovers of the circus arts and passionate about pieces that spark conversation, debate, and challenge audiences to think critically

  • Folks who are happy to pay for performing artists and, respectfully, will not ask for free services [performers need to make a living too!]

Some of our incredible clients include: 


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