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You're not the only ones who have asked.....

Q: What is the difference between a Featured Act and Animation ?

A:Featured acts are stop and watch performances. They last 5 minutes in length and are completely awe-inspiring by nature. Animation is roaming entertainment. It is not meant for seated crowds but rather for moving crowds. Animation is great for cocktail hours or social events. 

Q: What's the cost associated with your performance?

A: Entertainment costs will vary depending on the many factors including location, number of artists required, duration, etc. We do have a minimum booking fee of $1,500. 

Q:How do I know if my venue can accommodate aerial rigging?

A: In order for us to performer our aerial routines we require the venue to have ceiling rigging capabilities. Call our office's to discuss your acts particular needs so we can walk you through an appropriate venue selection.

Q: Do you offer client consultations ? A: Yes, we offer in-house consultations for any event with an entertainment budget of $3,000 or more. All meetings are offered free of charge at our office, located in south-east Mississauga. For off-site rigging inspections we charge $100.00/hr NON-Refundable fee. This fee is used to bring out our certified rigger. If you end up booking our services we deduct this fee from your contract amount. Alternatively, if you are running an event with less than a $3,000 entertainment budget, we can offer a complimentary Virtual meeting. 

Q: Why should we go with your troupe?

A: Cirque Revolution has the absolute BEST customer service and performance roster available. Our performance team is vetted and hand selected annually through an audition process. Our customer service begins the moment we get the inquiry until the moment your event is complete. If you would like to read more reviews on our company's work please visit EVENT SOURCE

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