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Jet_Cirque-245 (2).jpg


Let our dazzling aerialist twist, tumble and fall only to be caught by her aerial fabric. This act is truly a crowd favourite. Aerial silks can be performed with one, two or three aerialists. 

Requirements: 8 x 8 clear space under each aerial apparatus. 

Ceiling height of 17' or higher

Aerial Hoop solo.jpg


Watch our dazzling aerialist weave in and out of her furiously spinning aerial hoop. This stunning performance can include one or two performers inside a single hoop. 

Requirements: 8 x 8 clear space under each aerial apparatus. 

Ceiling height of 15' or higher



She flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the beautiful dancer on the trapeze. A traditional aerial apparatus that is sure to please. 

Requirements: 8 x 8 clear space under each apparatus 

Ceiling height of 17' or higher



A unique LED aerial hoop that will light up your next event. Let our incredibly flexible aerialist weave in and out of her LED hoop creating images in the air as she furiously spins. 

Requirements: Dark room 

Ceiling height of 15' or higher

cube blue.JPG


A unique apparatus that resembles a diamond in the sky! This beautiful aerial cube hosts three aerial artists. Watch them weave in and out of this immense structure and take your breath away! 

Requirements: 10 x 10 clear space under the aerial cube. 

Ceiling height of 17' or higher 



A similar apparatus to the aerial silks but meant for rooms with lower rigging heights. This spectacular act will show off great flexibility and strength. 

Requirements: 8 x 8 clear space under each apparatus

Ceiling height of 15' or more required

Sphere champagne.jpg


Let us serve your guests from high in the sky! Our aerial beverage pourers are sure to have your guests talking! 

Requirements: high top table, beverage and champagne flutes must be provided by the client/ venue

Ceiling height of 17' or higher

CUL high res A2D2 Inc.jpg


Meet Cirque Revolutions most popular ground act, Cirque-u-l'air! This large grounded apparatus hosts three dazzling aerialists. Watch them weave in and out of two fast spinning hoops! 


Ground space of 16 x 16 required

CIrqle ILEA.jpg


Cirqle is our smallest ground apparatus. It hosts one aerialist and can be easily transported in and out of a room. Let our contortion-like performer show off her aerial skill inside this incredibly quick spinning hoop. 

Requirements: 12 x 12 clear performance area

Ceiling height: 11' or higher

Sphere 2.jpg


Circus Sphere is A2D2's largest grounded apparatus. Inside this sphere you will find 4-5 performers. This stunning piece demonstrates true team work and strength. 

Requirements: 16 x 16 clear performance area

Ceiling height: 12' or higher

Cabaret fire 5.jpg


Ready to add a little heat to your event? Look no further. Our fire dancers will use a variety of indoor props including poi, staff, fans, hula hoops and more. 

Requirements: 16 x 16 clear performance space



Get ready to shock your guests with this ultra futuristic act! As popularized by AMERICA’S GOT TALENT these BOTS are going to pop, lock flip and give you a light show you have never seen before. This routine is comprised of 4 dancers. 

Requirements: This act requires a black backdrop and a very dark room. All lights must turn off for the act to be fully effective. A table located close to the stage will be needed for our technical team’s set up. 

Pixel rainbow.jpg


Looking for an act that demands a standing ovation? Look no further because this light show is sure to please! Watch us cast images into the air using our LED prop. We will even include your company logo!

Requirements: 16 x 16 clear performance area and darkness



A stunning grounded duet featuring our male and female acro-dancers. Watch them work together in this flippant act as they showcase true team work and sportsmanship. 

Requirements: 16 x 16 clear performance space



Watch our acrobatic duo flip, balance and pose together int his exciting act. Acro-balancers are great as both animators (roaming entertainers) and featured acts. 

Requirements: 16 x 16 clear performance space



Our beautiful contortionist will shape her body into positions you didn't think were possible. This stunning act will have jaws on the ground so be prepared to be amazed! *Photo by Fable Studios

Requirements: Act can accommodate both large stages and small spaces. 

spiral 3.PNG


Get ready for Toronto's first aerial spiral act! This stunning apparatus mimics a corkscrew in the air and will play a fabulous trick on your eyes. 

Requirements 8 x 8 clear space under the apparatus. 

Ceiling height of 20' or higher

Culinary Cruiser 2019.JPG


A one-of-a-kind custom service cart.  Let us bring food and entertainment together with our "foodertainment" piece known as the CULINARY CRUISER. Featuring 8 x serving tables and an aerial apparatus this roaming cart is sure to be the talk of the event! 

Requirements: 12 ft. ceiling height and smooth floors for quality movement. 



Another foodertainment piece. Let our dazzling cupcake lady serve dessert in true style as she roams around your room serving cupcakes. 

*cupcakes not included

Requirements: Double Banquet Doors for cupcake lady to go from lobby to main ballroom.

Flat and smooth flooring. *Photo by Fable Studios



Cirque Revolutions largest entertainment installment is here and it is sure to inspire you! Watch your stage come to life as our singer is lifted into the air bringing the floor with her. As her white fabric is lifted we can turn her dress into an incredible circus tent or a screen for beautiful projections. 

Requirements: 40 x 40 stage

Ceilings of 24' or higher



Stilt walkers will elevate your senses. Let our towering divas entertain guests from high above. 

Requirements: no stairs

Pole 3.jpg


Be prepared to be amaed! Our acrobatic pole artists are incredibly strong and graceful. 

Requirements: 12 x 12 clear performance area

Ceilings 14' or higher

saxt grooves.PNG


Add quality live music to your next event with JUNO award winner Bob DeAngelis. Let him serenade your guests as they enter your event with a wide variety of repertoire including  Pop Culture and Jazz.

Requirements:  6 x 6 space for equipment set up

Orb great.JPG


Add another element to our acro-dancers by incluing our glow ORBS! These beautiful props will illuminate your room. Watch them toss and manipulate these orbs throughout their dazzling routine. 

Requirements: 16 x 16 clear performance area

Hand balance 3.jpg


Hand balancers are quintessential circus performers. This discipline is one of the hardest disciplines to master. Watch our incredible hand balancers perform most of their act upside down and on top of their beautiful canes. 

Requirements: Level surface area

16 x 16 clear performance space



Let us stroll into your event with our colourful storlling table! She is a delight to have around as she interacts with your guests and serves up a storm. 

Requirements: Double Banquet Doors if table is to move from lobby to ballroom. 

Level flooring required



5, 6, 7 , 8! Get ready to pump the energy up, uP, UP with our fantastic dance troupe. We offer soloists all the way up to flash mobs, perfectly suited for every event. 

Requirements: 16 x 16 clear performance space or more depending on number of dancers. 

canada day rig outdoor.jpg


Did you choose a venue with high ceilings but they don't have any ceiling rigging capabilities? Not to worry- we have a portable rig. This rig can be set up indoors or outdoors and is able to adjust to three heights. 

Requirements: 24 x 24 clear and level performance space. 

Ceilings must be 17' or higher



Weave your event theme together with our hysterical cirque characters. Whether you are looking for a Mad Hatter,  Jack Frost, a Fairy or a Cirque character, we have them all!

Requirements: If the character is to emcee or be featured he/ she will require a head mic. 

Photo by Fable Studios



Cirque Revolution presents "Cirque-tacular Productions" TM
If you are looking for a full-scale production please email us with your specific request. We have designed numerous  shows lasting 30 minutes up to 90 minutes in length. Many of our productions have toured and have full scripts, set casts and tech riders. It would be our pleasure to discuss your event needs. All productions include a mix of live music, dance, circus and physical theater.

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Frequently asked questions

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